Star Wars Actor Current Appearances

Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2020
Pensacola Bay Center / Pensacola Grand Hotel / Saenger Theatre / Rex Theatre / Pensacola Little Theatre
Pensacola, Florida, USA 

Les Cosplayers du Coeur de Breteuil
Apr. 25-26, 2020
Centre Culturel Jules Verne
Breteuil, France

Sam Witwer
Darth Maul (voice) - The Clone Wars (TV) / Rebels / Solo
The Son (voice) - The Clone Wars (TV) / Rebels Ep: A World Between Worlds
Darth Sidious / W1-LE / Imperial Technician (voices) - Rebels Ep: The Siege of Lothal
Hugh Sion (voice) - Resistance
Star Destroyer PA Announcer / Stormtroopers / First Order Officer / Addtional Voices (voices) - The Force Awakens
Biker Scout / Imperial Officer / Imperial Technician (voices) Rebels Ep: DUME
Weequay Bounty Hunter / Alien (voices) - TCW Ep: Revenge
Mandalorian Supercommando (voice) - TCW Ep: The Lawless
Dark Side Creature (voice) - TCW Ep: Altar of Mortis
Additional Voices - Rogue One

Auckland Armageddon
Oct. 25-28, 2019
ASB Showgrounds
Auckland, New Zealand

Ivy Wong
Pendra Siliu - Rogue One

Xogold Charity Autograph Event
Nov. 16, 2019
Verzamelaars Jaarbeurs
Utrecht, Netherlands